Does Blender support APU?

Does Blender support APU? In my mind it should be the fastest way to render things, but does Blender support it?

Cycles supports CUDA gpu rendering with compatible graphics cards

Yes I know, but if I own an APU, and I put CPU as renderer, will it be faster than the GPU?

I remember being able to change render settings to Beavercreek + Turks (GPU+CPU) in the user preferences in earlier versions of Blender but I don’t think it really worked. I didn’t notice any change in render-speed anyhow.

If you meant a Intel integrated graphics chip for example, it not possible atm. with cycles.
Maybe in the future if Intel get it´s OpenCL driver to work with bigger kernels like Cycles use.
Luxrender can use CPU, GPU and APU for render.

Cheers, mib.