does Blender support .Nif files?

answere question please

Yes, you’re perfectly able to give your models to the New Israel Fund, the National Ignition Facility or Neighbourhood Initiatives Foundation.

You’re also capable of being Not Industry Funded, or getting your information from a Note Issuance Facility.

Or, if you don’t mean one of these things that comes up from a google or an acronym finder search for “NIF”, then perhaps you should give more information. Like, for example, what a .NIF file actually is.

alternatively you could put the words file extension after the word nif and find out thats it’s NetImmerse File Format. Simple really. it took about 5 mins to find out that…
“NetImmerse is a complete 3D gaming engine used by game developers, … NetImmerse
includes a C++ runtime API, plugins to 3ds max and maya, and tools to help …” Not a big ask really.

or GameBryo Format File (another 3d model format, probably similar to the NetImmerse one)
or Navy Image File Format
or NetShift Interface File
or Network Initialization File
or Notation Interchange File Format (NIFF)
Yes, I checked this before posting my first reply. Yes I was exaggerating. No, they didn’t give enough information.

From what context there is (this being a graphics forum) we can narrow it down to the 2 3d formats and the image format. Without more information it’s impossible to say more. !!!