Does Eevee work with Intel Integrated Graphics?

I’m considering buying a new system. I need to know if Eevee will work with Intel integrated graphics, such as Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655? Or should I rather seriously consider a system with a discrete card for Eevee, such as an NVidia chip? I would prefer the former, but I need to make sure it will work before I spend the money.

And, how to switch Eevee between integrated and discrete graphics cards? I don’t see an option for this in the User Preferences. Or does Eevee automatically detect a discrete card, and switches to it?

I doubt it, I’d definitely consider a discrete gpu, 2.80 has a higher spec requirement than 2.79

It should work, but may not be super fast.

There are no settings within Blender that affect how Blender uses graphics cards! The only setting is the Cycles Render Engine Compute device, which has NOTHING to do with the operation of Blender outside of GPU Cycles rendering.

As far as which hardware device the OS launches Blender against for OpenGL (which is all Eevee needs) when you have both integrated and discreet graphics, that depends on the OS. On Windows it’s Right click the blender.exe icon and choose “Run with Graphics Processor…” or “Render OpenGL on…”. In MacOS I think it’s power settings(?) and I’m not sure about Linux.

If you can get a system with a discreet video card you’ll probably decide it was worth it, and definitely if you plan on using Cycles.

So what @Zoot has already told you.

What Clément Foucault answered to the question “What PC configuration would you recommend to work comfortably with Eevee?”

A single large graphics card. Lots of VRAM. Multi GPU is not scheduled for tomorrow.