Does high poly scene requires a lot of cpu ram?

My pc is ryzen 5700g with igpu (equivalent to 1050 4gb
Non Ti in performance) .So far so good in modelling and rendering. My IGPU is not too bad and my CPU can compensate it.

Many times when i load high poly projects, it easily takes
30 gb of cpu ram.

Why is my projects so ram hungry, is it because I dont
Have a discrete GPU?

Will a 16gb pc with gtx 16t0 super (4gb vram) able to
Load high poly projects for modelling purpose that normally takes 30 gb ram
In my PC?

My understanding is pc with discrete vga dont need
Too much cpu ram for modelling .

How many vertices / faces have your project?
I have an old 12 years old pc with 8Gbyte it still works for some hundredthousands vertics / faces.
I guess like you have a lot of big textures that are loading.

Iam sure GPU memory does not influence pc ram needs a lot. GPU memory mainly increases speed.
Data and textures have to be in pc ram too, nevermind how much GPU memory you have.

Not sure how many vertices and textures. It was my son, his hobby is blemdering.does it mean a 8gb pc with a gtx 1650 4gb vra, wont be able to handle big textures?

The spec is fine, my is similar. Specially for beginners there is no need for higher specs.
One mistake beginners do is wrong use of modifiers that can blow up you pc even with higher ram.

The statistics and usage can displayed via this: