Does Level of Detail affect the Physics options of objects?


So my question is in the title, does the Level of Detail affect Physics for objects? So will an object carry over the Physics options of the low-res object that is replacing the main mesh at a long distance?

no, i dont think so. easy to test. either turn on physics vis or create lods that are different shapes and see if a physics object reacts.

Physics options are object-specific and don’t carry over on mesh replace.

Keep in mind, the physics mesh isn’t updated either.
If your original object bounds are a sphere yet it becomes a cube when ten meters away from the camera, it’s bounds are still a sphere.

There’s no option to change this, not that I know of.

obj.reinstancePhysicsMesh(gameObject, meshObject)
#Updates the physics system with the changed mesh

Should be able to do it

That I know. I meant the way the LOD system works (in UPBGE at least) doesn’t seem to have a way of rebuilding the physics mesh whenever you cross the distance threshold.

Triangle mesh for collision bounds can be selected if You want physics to be played around objects actual shape if it’s weird and if cube or ball for its collision bound wouldn’t be the best outcome for it to interact with statics or other rigid if s**t gets kicked, launched or just dropped or whatever as far as i can understand. Or for example ,car bumper, or hairdryer object can roll like a ball if it’s physics collision bounds are set up as a ball. I am not sure which Level of Detail option are You on about. TBH* to be honest i am not an expert. But where are Levels of Detail options in Blender? I just had a can of cider and after reading this i feel a bit dumb again, wheres Level of Detail option in Blender? But don’t take it personally it’s nothing to do with what You wrote, i just feel dumb or, or maybe dumbed down.