Does Linux/Ubuntu/x distro Slow up???

To anyone that has experience with XP and Linux, I don’t know about you, but XP seems REALLY slow sometimes!!!

  1. It takes FOREVER to start up (well, it comes up quickly, but then it’s slow about things like bringing up the taskbar when I put my mouse at the bottom of the screen [I have it set to hide mode]).

  2. Also sometimes it takes forever (well, too long for me anyways :p) if you right click on the desktop for that little popup thing to come up; with “Properties” at the bottom.

Just irritating little things like that:mad:

Do Linux distros have this problem?

Every OS needs time to boot up, but generally linux will boot faster than windows.

And when your desktop shows on linux, that means system loading is done and you can get right to work. Where in windows you have to wait for things to load even then.

Many people will probably tell you many different things, but to get a clear view on things you should really try it yourself.

i agree

linux is alot faster to start up and is generally better.

depends on the user. Here in my office there’s a Mac, which is claimed to be faster and stable than windows, used by previous staff who don’t work here anymore. It took 30 minutes+ after the boot to be able to work with that machine! I don’t know what the hell is going on with that mac. So we decided to format and reinstall MacOS on that machine.

One thing that’s really true, you won’t have to waste your time on maintenance, such as defrag, cleaning, scanning, and stuffs like that. Just turn it on and start to work. So far I never experience any slowdowns or stuff liek that.

I know for windows that boot time is dependant on how many/which background programs you have starting at boot. This particular machine I am using now goes from power on to full system in a little over 30 seconds.
My mac takes about 2 minutes. Live disk linux (kubuntu) on this machine is a bit over a minute and a half. A good idea is to boot with a minimal system and only start apps/services as needed.
A good app for optimizing boot/hibernation/standby on windoz systems is
The first time I used it I shaved a couple of minutes off my times!