Does the engine or me need changing?

I am struggling to get the engine to do what I want (relatively simple things). Is this mainly me, that is do I just need to keep climbing up the learning curve, or are there feature enhancemants required?

Although it is really easy to get started with the engine, I have found it gets difficult/impossible very soon. A mess of connections occurs very quickly, which is not too bad while I am working on it, while if I come back to something after a couple of weeks it is a bit tricky to see what I was up too.

Are there any beyond basics tutorials? say setting out basic rules for the best way to set things up.



I don’t know exactlye what you are looking for or how good you are at blendering, but perhaps you could take a look at these demo’s, I think the code is pretty readable, and the use of logicbricks is not too complicated…

good luck


Yeah, it doesn’t take too long to get to that point where you just can’t go much further without python. Look at carls demos, they show off some very good python use, check out some of my games on my site, most of them also use quite a bit of python, I’m also starting a begining python tutorial series if your interested.

Logic bricks can only take you so far unfortunately, as connecting them between objects etc really starts to just slow everything down.

I don’t exactly agree that logic bricks can only take you so far. Well actually that is correct, but logic bricks can take you a whole lot further than most people think. I know I learned how to do some amazing things with them. unfortunately I’m too stupid to be able to model, so I can’t produce anything worthwhile…sigh…but lots of bricks may slow your game down.

It’s true joecool that logic bricks can do a lot that people don’t realize, but they can get VERY complicated, and they can become near impossible to edit fairly fast. There’s a lot of information that you have to keep in your head at once when working with logic bricks, with programming, it’s a lot easier to keep the code manageable.

But logic bricks are cool!