Does the lightning suits this scene well? Should I make it darker or brighter?

In my opinion, the lightning is ok.

AO is off
Background Lightning is 1.00 with a bluish tint
Sun Lamp is 0.250 white
Skydome is 1.00

How do you make a skydome by the way? The one I downloaded is blurry because it was just 1024X768.

The Skydome Texture I downloaded from then used in the scene:

Since the moon is the main light source and the scene is all about the two characters, I would emphasize this and give them some pale rim light to make them more important.

Here an example I found googling ‘moonlight’:

If you think it’s ok, then it’s ok. The light intensity depends on the mood you want to convey. I assume that if you like it, your intention is coming through. Do take a look at the shadows, though. As mobimo points out, the main light source is the moon, but the smaller figure seems to be standing in the shadow of a tree.

As to Skydomes, the only cure is to find one with a larger resolution. Check NASA websites, the Hubble telescope has taken some pretty amazing ‘night’ skys.

I agree with the rim light idea. A rim light is basically a light behind the actors that is facing the camera. For the most part it is used to separate the actors from the background. Google it for more info, but I agree with Mobimo that it would probably be a good addition to the scene.

Thanks for the tip. I will try that one out and see what my colleagues will say.