Does the shader displacement have a problem?

I tried many times to follow the instructions of the tutorial below with the latest official release but Blender crashed during all the attempts. Is there any other one who have met such problems with the shader displacement?

Which render device are you using? If CPU, what’s your ram usage when the crash happens?

I am using Cycles. It is not a matter of ram usage. I downloaded an older version of 2.8 and it works ok. There must be a problem of the most recent version.

Render device means GPU or CPU. If rendering on GPU, you can quickly end out of video ram, it could be what’s happening.

Yes, sorry, absent mindedness… I am on CPU. But the same thing happens when I switch to GPU too. And as I said it does happen only in the latest official version. There must be some problem in it.

Could you share the file?

Below is the file. You have to play with it a little bit because the crashes happen unexpectedly (when trying to alter the values of the nodes or when adding new nodes).

Btw, I am working in a third gen. I7 pc with 16gb ram and I do the rendering with cpu, using Cycles.

Displacement exp.blend (4.1 MB)

You need to add a subdivision modifier. It seems to work otherwise.

The model is already subdivided many times. I tried, also, working by keeping the subdivision modifier open (by not applying it) but all was the same. I do suspect that it is a problem of the recent official version. The fact that the problem does not appear in older 2.8 versions I used shows that there must be a problem in the recent version.

Open this file
Displacement exp fix.blend (841.9 KB)

Thanks for the file BigBlend. I did open and inspected it. There is some strange thing I did notice: in the subdivision modifier tab there appears an ‘adaptive subdivision’ option which does not appear when I open my files (in the same exactly version of Blender)… what may be going on?

That only appears when you select the experimental feature set in the render settings (below the render engine dropdown).

Btw, I opened the file in the latest build, and I wasn’t able to reproduce any crash, no matter how long I played with the nodes. So maybe, if the issue doesn’t resolve itself, try downloading the latest build and test with that.

Thank you very much for the precious information BenMu. Will look at it.