Does the track to, point at the tip? or the root?

The docs:
Pointing One Bone at Another Bone
A lot of the rig designs require one bone to track (point at) another bone. This means that the bone that does the tracking needs to be pointing exactly at the target bone. To do this, you snap the cursor to the root points of both bones, and then snap the tip of the tracking bone to the cursor.

When I did that, all that happened is the pointing bone grew to the bone I wanted it to point at?

So, I must have done something wrong. Thanks

Well, I tried it again then shortened the pointing bone in half, so I guess thats it… sorry to waste your time

Well there is an easier way to do it.
Create a “Track to” constraint in pose mode for the Tracking bone.
Make the target object the Armature of the target bone.
If you do that another field appears beneath the OB: fields which is called BO: put there the name of the Target bone.
Done, no rescaling necessary.

Thank you… now if I only understood what it all means, lol…

I can do it, but I dont understand it… its just me I know…

I mean why am I doint it?

Ok, very cool. I just did it with one of 'em and the bone just merged into another bone? But hey, it works and is very easy as you said.

when you do the track to instead of pointing the bone at the tip of the bone you want it to point to, it looks like the track to, points at the root of the bone instead of the tip?

How do you get the track to to point to the tip?

Thank you

You can add another bone (by extruding from the tip of current tracked bone) and set the constraint to follow that new bone … or snap the cursor to the tip of the tracked bone by selecting the tip and Shift-S -> Cursor to Selection then space -> Add -> Empty and set the constraint to track the Empty …

All armature bones have their “center” at the root tip … which is what the track to constraint tracks …

But you shouldn’t be using the track to constraint in this situation because your example is about setting up bones in Edit Mode (constraints are not active in Edit Mode only Object or Pose) .

So as for your original post/problem … what I think you did was only select one root tip not both when you snapped your cursor … when you select both root tips and Shift-S -> Cursor to Selection your cursor will be placed at midpoint between the two bones . And with that done you just have to select just the tip of the tracking bone and once again Shift-S -> Selection to Cursor .