Does YafRay need Python Installed?

Does YafRay need Python Installed?

I forget and don’t want to uninstal Python to find out.

The reason is, I am finalizing my tutorial and this is a question that I need to know.


From the docs:

YafRay is also getting very easy to use from blender thanks to Johnny Matthews. I think he spends almost every minute writing Extractor: a new export script for blender. It makes the exporting much more easy by getting all the data directly from blender with nearly no user interaction.

The current power of Extractor and its fast development point out that this could be the future official export scheme for exporting from blender. Anyway, efforts are being made to write a built-in exporter in blender. Alfredo contributed with a lot of shading compatibility code and did some experiments. So it seems we will be able to compare both python and built-in solutions at some point.

So the answer is no, Extractor uses Blender modules.


:smiley: Thanks! :smiley: