DOF in interior practise

Hi all, after longer holiday I have done serious result - shot of smaller object in interior…Used soft: Blender 2.58 , Yafaray 0.1.2 , GIMP, MOTIVA …[email protected] are welcome…

Wow! Very nice! My only criticism is that the bottles look a little bit flat.

The lighting and composition are very nice, though! :smiley:

Yes, the picture looks a bit warped, but this is an awesome render! great job.

,9" shot…different sharpen

Really love it!

Think ya got it backwards, pal… can you make a real lens do that?

As said earlier, the only thing stopping it being flawless in my eyes is the bottles being flat. The IOR looks set wrong.

The last image posted has the attention drawn to that number 9 whereas it needs to be on the stool with bottles and such. Looking forward to any changes made.