DOF iterations

Been playing around with the motion blur and DOF in 2.4 but using 2.37 directions ( a bit different )

I noticed the DOF render iterations is eight passes. I thought first this was a combination of pathlength IPO and whatever, but it seems to be the default setting.

Is it, and is it configurable?

Motion blur uses the same samplecount option as OSA - the 5/8/11/16 buttons under the big OSA button. increase that and you’ll increase the blur sample count.

Ahh Smacks forehead, Of course.

DOF? Could you please say where the DOF effect is located? Thanks.

Ah, you mean the spinning DOF in the tutorial from the manual yes? I see.

I just realized the answer to my question is in “Figure 17.29. Motion Blur settings” Good Grief!!!

Still I probably missed this because I was trying to convert to a 2.4 approach and didn’t read the entire page.

Always RTFM. I should know this by now.

heh, so much information to pick up all at once. There’s a plug that’s much simpler to use if you’re interested (or if you didn’t already know) and delivers better results than the tutorial method. Well, simpler. Faster. Once you’ve deciphered the procedure. :slight_smile:
ZBlur on this page
from here