DOF method

I have come up with a DOF method here is the result of using it on [email protected] blend file (I’m sorry if you mind if you want me to I’ll take it down)

well i’ve got a goose that lays golden eggs but i’m not gonna share it with you either! %|

seriously, how about a little more info??

the motion blur camera on a path 360’ in one frame one?

:expressionless: sorry I’m afraid it’s not pure blender. It was made using layer masks in the gimp. If you want I could do a mini tut.

A mini tut would be great, I just installed the GIMP, so I would be curious to see a little of what it can do.

I showed how I do it in the gimp a while ago… Found it

You’ll have to read most of the thread.


where can i get the blend file from?

i am on os x and the zblur plugin does not work here for some reason.


I use greybeard’s method but I don’t bother about the zbuffer I just apply a gradient as a layer mask in the Gimp.