DOF PRO v5.0 officially released.

I’m pleased to announce the immediate availability of Check out the DOF PRO v5.0 (Depth of Field Generator PRO), the undisputed leader in photorealistic depth of field effects for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts.

DOF PRO v5.0 has had its core functionality greatly expanded and now includes some absolutely killer technology not previously available in any other depth of field processor. Check out the image below for a quick synopsis or better yet - check out the brand new DOF PRO v5.0 product page for a detailed breakdown of these new and exciting features!

DOF PRO has had over 12 years of industry-proven performance under its belt since its first release in 2005. Version 5.0 has seen a full year of extensive research and development in order to produce the most sophisticated depth of field processor in the industry. Every subtlety in the world of optics has been carefully studied and many implemented, marking this release the biggest in its history.

In addition to the massive list of exciting new features, DOF PRO v5.0 now also supports 16 bits / channel high color and is fully 64 bit enabled.

Check out the DOF PRO product page now and learn what makes DOF PRO v5.0 the first choice for photorealistic depth of field effects for Adobe Photoshop and compatible hosts.

Just a ADS.
5 advertising messages, and then this plugin for a photoshop. but you signed up, just to advertise products?

Great plugin. I wish Blender had the same DOF quality.

Hi Pafurijaz;

I don’t use Blender but I’m a 3D artist who also develops software. You don’t think a good post depth of field processor is useful for all 3D artists regardless of what software they use? I know I would want to know about new tools that can assist me in my work.

My intent is certainly not to spam but to shed light about my useful products for 3D artists.


Hello Richard,
its a bit unclear to me, can it create Dept maps itself from an image?
additional question; does it work with Affinity Photo?
(seems like this program/addon ships an 8bf file so I would like to try it out…)

Hi Myclay;

It is impossible to create an accurate depth maps from 2D images but it has tools to do this. The watch image in the original post above was done with a simple gradient which can be used for 90% of all cases.

For more complex depth maps, it can read one exported from a 3D app like Blender.

Apparently my plugins work with Affinity but the preview window does not display properly. I have written to them and they have put it on the ‘to-do’ list. But I would suggest you download the demo and try it to see. If the demo works, the full version should too.


First I wanted to get annoyed and tell you off about advert but then I thought that I might as well see what it costs.

I’m shocked with the high quality. I mean the product page is one of the best explanations about different bokeh there is and the presentation is gorgeous.

If I’m making a presentation of some sort then I would buy this in a heart beat. It’s a great tool in the arsenal.

Great work.

Hi Richard, this looks like a great product. Unfortunately I don’t really have a use for it in still images but I would absolutely love to have this in video editing. Any plans for After Effects plugin?

Thanks bigbad - for taking the time to check it out before jumping to conclusions. I am very happy with the presentation and I think it’s a great way for people (regardless of whether you are interested in the product or not), to learn about optics in photography.


That’s certainly something I’m currently exploring but it’s not an easy task by any means!


Hi Richard, I’m dying to buy your DoF Pro plugin since so much time and that 5.0 release makes it for sure more appealing than ever but I see there is still no Mac version, unfortunately. :frowning:

Are we, Mac users, sentenced to never see a Mac version of this wonderful product ?
I know I’m probably far from being the only one who asked this question, even if I understand it’s probably not an easy task.

Thanks and keep up the great work !

I know this plugin from years ago. It is a great plugin. Nice that you thought to put the information about its new version here, in Blender’s forum, too Richard. It is, no doubt, a tool that can be very useful for Blender users also.

Hi Tartiflette!

Yes, I get that too. So far, in the last day, I’ve been asked for several After Effects ports, a Nuke port and a Mac version. lol I can only do so much!

Unfortunately, it’s tougher than you would expect to write it for both platforms. The API I use is limited to Windows only as a re most. So in my case, I’d have to completely rewrite it, learn a new API on a Mac, and so forth. It’s possible but there are other plugins that are in development that are more worthy of my time at the moment but I am always looking out for developers that can help.

Thank you Fatesailor. I thought it would be helpful too. Regardless of what 3D app we all use (I use 3ds Max & VRay), depth of field is something that is important to all 3D artists so any solution that offers a faster post alternative should be of interest, in my opinion. :wink:


Thanks Richard for your reply !

Unfortunately I knew it probably had to do with a Windows dev kit or something like this that wouldn’t be available on Mac, otherwise I think you would have made the port as I’m more than probably not the only one to ask for a Mac version of this wonderful plugin ! :wink:

That said I’m all for an After Effects version too, you know, as long as it is available on Mac OS X ! :smiley:

I can confirm version 5 works without issues in PhotoLine (in case people are interested in an alternative for Photoshop to run this plugin).

edit I just noticed that PhotoLine is actually mentioned as a compatible plugin host. :slight_smile:

This plugin for After Effects would certainly be a best seller! Great work!

That’s great to hear - the more hosts other than Photoshop the better. If you guys find it works in something not currently listed in my compatibility page, please let me know and I’ll add it.


Absolutely Simon! And this is what I’m looking into but it will take time, if at all possible.


You might consider partnering with someone like Video Copilot or another entity in the AE space to to expedite development/gain market traction very quickly. I think it could be worth it.