DOF with gimp

does any one know how to do dof with gimp? I found this
but Its not compiled in a way I can use.

Actually thanks… I would never have known that was there :stuck_out_tongue:

But ya it’s made for GCC so it is a *NIX only plugin. That means OS10, Linux.

Anyway you should have saind what OS you are using… :-?

Fblur 1.6 compiled for Windows:

This seams to need an early version of Gimp to run do you have the libgimp-1-2-0.dll that I am getting the error from ,I cant find it online and I cant get the early version of Gimp to install I need a early GTK also(I think) I was going to install gimp 1.early and find that .dll and save it but I cant seam to get an installation with out a lot of dependences.
I found this and for 30 USD or 60 if you want to animate this looks really nice.

check out DOF PRO under software. I got the demo and now I really want to spend the money.

shr1k, what version of Gimp are You using?!

I’ve Gimp 2.2.9 and Fblur 1.6 works fine…

Gimp 2.2.10 sorry :expressionless:
windows xp
when I start up gimp is stoped when it gets to fblur and askes for the libgimp1-2-0.dll. gimp works fine after I close the error window.

Tried to use de fblur plugin (thx jendrzych) in Gimp 2.2.10 (windows XP) and it asks for libgdk-0.dll