Dog animation and new addons

Can you recognize this doggy?

I’ve created him for experimenting with some new #artwork:animations and #rigging #add-ons tools I wrote.

The tools are:

Rigger Toolbox - available at
A set of tools for creating customized rigs. current operators are:

  • Add Chain Controls - Creates a chain of parent and stretch target controls for all the selected bones. can create also closed chains such as mouth loops. Can keep the hierarchy order within the bone controls.
  • Add Bbone widgets - automatically creates controls for Bendy bones. These are not the built-in standard Blender Bbone controls, but rather controls that are working similiar to bezier handles.
  • Merge Rigs - join rigs together into the active rig. Removes duplicated bones and keep their hierarchy order and constraint connection. The duplicated common bones can be used as connection points between the two rigs.

Anim Toolbox - available at Currently only the first module is available which is
Bake Anim To Empties - used for space switching and adding overlapping animation using baked empties.

Animation Layers - available at
Further development can be supported at