Dog Model

Well, this thread is mostly to ask for some help and feedback, but i figure that’s what its all about:)

been working on a dog model (closely inspired by BOLT) on and off for a while now, and Ive run into a dead end, i have the basic model i think fairly right, and some basic UV texturing done too, but for the life of me, i cant get the fur to look like fur.

basically i can get it to look reasonable close up (the fur, not the combing, i still have to work on smoothing the head out a little), then if i zoom out (mostly ignoring lighting atm) the fur gets all chunky, like its just an extension of the faces almost, anyways heres some pics:


Try setting the strands to blender units

so simple! i experimented with making the fur extra thin before, but i guess until a while ago i never had enough hairs, i’ll upload some new pics (can even go extreme closeup now), i reckon he’s lookin good, just a little clumpy around the ears and eyebrow-kind-of area


I can’t wait to hear his voice, what accent?

i’m not sure about an accent, i’ve never really done any voices before…

edit: aww hit another wall, it seems when i use the bones to deform the mesh, the fur stays where it was, it doesnt deform too, like it usually does in all my previous experience, i dont know if this has something to do with me using 2.53 or not

Great! maybe add some color variation to the fur for distant shots like the third in you most recent post (it will distinguish the strands more). Also, grass seems a bit too saturated
Overall he has a very painted look, it’s cool.
Can’t help with the non-deforming fur problem without taking a look at the file, sorry.
Keep up the good work!
P.s. an old english accent? He seems classy :slight_smile: