Dog Tags and Flag Animation

This is a 11 sec cut from a short intro animation that o9studios did for a video production company.

Quicktime Movie, 1.3Mb

It looks good, but the camera stops too suddenly at the end. IMO it would look better if the shot faded out while the camera was still pulling back.

no way we can get an avi, mov, mpg,…?

the sudden ending is because it is cut out of the video and i held the last frame… it fades into the video in the real thing. we are curently working on cuitting it up to get a small sample on our site.

it is a .mov… are you lookin for a direct link??

yeah it IS a mov… fuck I must be asleep at the wheel or somethin’ today…

anyway. nice anim. the blue on the flag is too dark, blends too easily with the black background. I recommend changing either the background or the flag.