Hi guys, This is for a competition for Steam Punk. I’m just doing it for experience so i would like your guys input on how I can make this better. Overall i’m pleased with it but i don’t think it has enough steam-punk in it. Is there anything else you see that is wrong/could be better or missing? any help is greatly appreciated. cheers.

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hmm over 190 views and zero comments. oh well, here’s an update.

The comment to views ratio is a bit funny on this site. I mean I almost never comment on threads compared to how many I view and I think that’s how most people use the site.

Anyways, I do agree with the lack of steam punk in what is supposed to be a steam punk image. As for how to fix it, I’m not entirely sure, but I don’t think it’s a simple answer. I think that the main issue for me is that the dog has a cartoonish organic feel to it, but with small mechanical parts randomly thrown in. I think a better way to approach it would to go heavier on the mechanical aspects.

Maybe build in some gears and ornaments somewhere? But I agree with Shane, I think it´s an overall lack of mechanical parts.
You could add ornamented steel plates for its mouth or replace the tongue with a chain like this. But these are just suggestions :wink: I think it looks great so far.

Thanks for the comment. It’s a shame people don’t comment, it takes a lot for new people to post their work and accept critique but when they do make the jump they get ignored. It’s hard to know where you stand to be honest. I sat here yesterday thinking wow is it THAT bad that no-one even wants to comment haha. Anyways, I will see what i can come up with regarding redoing it to make it look more steam-punk ish. Time is a factor though as the competition ends soon, this genre is a lot harder than i thought it was going to be. Anyways thank you again for the comment.

I would, to make it more steampunk make the dog’s teeth metal. Maybe a brass sort of material. Also I would make the dog’s eyes bright red, to stand out.

I comment on Work in progress thread when I either have a suggestion or I really like the project. Also when artists aren’t invested into the project then why should I be? If the artist shows he really does want harsh criticism and willing to put in the necessary time, then I most likely will comment.But most of the time artists just ignore feedback. If your not willing to make changes to your project then why post it here?


The dog looks too organic, on first glance it looks like a normal cartoon dog.

Instead of modeling a dog then adding bolts and thing to make it look mechanical, model it thinking of it as a mechanical dog. How would it be made? The outside would have to be crafted in plates of metal, the tongue would need lots of joints for moment. And on and on and on.

Also your materials need some work, its hard to tell what everything is made of.

The background needs improvement, the background should help tell the story of where and why this dog is here. Instead of just to fill space.

Thank you for your input, I agree with your comments. My initial thought was the dark material was metal looking enough but it hasn’t worked out. I have much work to do! This is a fun project but way out of my comfort zone, ah well i shall keep at it. Thanks again for the input at least I know what to work on now.

That looks awesome. I might try that. Thanks.

Well I’ve started again. I’ll update this post later. :smiley: If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right… right?

Sure is, I need to buckle down and get to work on my entry again too. Lots to do in the next ten days!

ok here’s an update, obviously very early stage but it’s more steampunk (or will be) the body is just a place holder. I’m going to change the angle to show more of the dog in action too (he will be jumping) Thought i’d post it though to get opinions as I go. Just wanted to try a “fun” image. What’s more fun than a dog catching a ball? :slight_smile: – Thoughts?

Looking good! Think you can have it done in a week?

I am going to try :slight_smile: