Just a scene I did for the last BlenderGuru competition… (PhotoRealism)
not sure if it looks realistic enough, so I will need some feed back and opinion from you guys to boost my motivation…

it’s rendered in Blender Internal…
I took some reference from the Dojo in The Matrix movie…

here’s some wires

please note, there’s also a tutorial on making dojo like this in youtube, but I just noticed it after finishing this scene, it’s also using cycles… :slight_smile:

Your dojo looks great, villano! I immediately recognized it’s similarity to the dojo in The Matrix. The look of the light streaming in through the windows, the particles in the air, all give it a dramatic atmosphere. Was it difficult to get the lighting bright enough in the shadows using Cycles?

If I had any critique, it would be that some of the wooden panels have noticeable repetition in their textures. I only notice it in the top of the frame, though.

Great work!

Hi Villano,

Good work, I like the atmosphere. I agree James Candy about the upper panels textures, and careful observation reveals similar texture repetitions on your wooden structure. Anyway, these are just details.
About the weapons aligned on the back wall, I think the blades should face the sky to match reality.

Maybe your scene could benefit from a little bit of life, but it would probably be a project on it’s own.

Good job !

exelent job the lightning looks perfect, and the textures too, but if you see iin the woods of the topthey are too perfect and perpendicular to the others, like a poligon, a litle change can make all the diference

Looks great! I thought “the matrix” instantly…

for my personal taste i think the “grime and grunge” is a little too heavy… reminds me of horror video games…

are the light beams from teh new sunbeams compositor node?

I notice that the direction is different from the two window sets…

it’s funny how quickly cg can become dated…the dojo in the animatrix looks really “gamey” now!

Excellent texturing and lightning work. 5/5!!

beautiful work.

It’s not very smart to pretend being the original creator of a scene here, we have seen a lot of productions so we can judge if someone just copied an artist or tried to make something original.
At least if you want to rework a production you enjoyed give credits to the author before. Or you will violate a CC-BY right one day…