Hello everyone,
this is a scene i have been working for about a week. Started it for trying to imitate my building’s stairway and ended up trying to make it a bit scary too. Then i added the doll since i’m trying to learn human modelling. Hope you like it, any feedback would be appreciated, thank you.

if you ended up making a scary scene, as a horror fan what makes me scared when watching a horror movie is something you can not see, or can barely see. You know where I’m trying to go? :slight_smile:

You shoud put some blood on the doll, and maby a difirent camera angle for a bit more mistery.

Yeah i think i know what you mean, but i wasn’t really going for a completely scary scene, just something a bit dark since all my renders have had a somewhat bright energy, so i wanted to experiment with it a bit. But now i have some great ideas, thanks :eyebrowlift:.

I thought about the blood but it just didn’t make sense to put blood on a doll since it doesn’t have any :p. But thats why i put that texture, i was going for something like old ripped plastic. As for the camera angle, i think you are right, i should have found a better position, thanks. :slight_smile: