Dolphin Animation

(billysardar) #1

Check out my latest creation (based upon a tutorial by [email protected]), an animated dolphin underwater.

Check it out at

(wewa_juicyb) #2

nice. the physics seem great, maybe you could work a little on the ground though… an image texture maybe? Keep it up.


(bg3D) #3

Here’s a test
Cool, I like the way the shadows look. (I also like links)

(kaktuswasse) #4

the body moves a bit too less imho. Other then that:
good animation, though you need to work a bit on the textures :slight_smile:

cya henrik

(sten) #5

a good start !!

needs some tweaks but the animation looks as a good start…

(billysardar) #6

I agree about the seabed… I just wanted to do something quick to show off the dolphin.

By the way, would anyone have any idea how to get the light pattern on the sand to animate in a realistic way?