Domino Armee Walk Cycle

hi everyone

i am new to this forum and i am new to blender. So thanks for having me :wink:

I am working on a project for my university. I decided to make a short animation of a domino Armee that walks from a barrack to a flagstand. A smaller domino misses that his buddys have already started walking and tries to follow. He reaches them eventually but then misses that they have stopped walking already and so he flipps them all over by hitting the first domino. End of story.

This is how far I am up to now:

As you can see I do not know how to stop the walkcycle and the armee walking does not look too good ether. I am only interested in the animation. Textures and Models are secondary!!!

Right now I am only playing around. I need an idea of how to make the armee walk properly and make them stop at the end :wink: I am looking for a good and “easy” method to do that.

I am grateful for any comend and any ideas.

Thanks everybody