I modelled it after a stuffed animal… PLEASE CRITIQUE!!!


I don’t see anything. Are you sure there is something there? So dark and scary. Might pee my pants.

More light please?

yeah its a bit too dark. also the wooden floor looks too plasticy

Thanks for your comments… you’re right it could use some more light…

Maybe try adding some ambient occlusion in. Or use an area light or something. The wooden blocks look a bit flat, a subtle bump map of the wood grain might look good.

I love Domo!!
Definitely needs more lighting. Possibly a simple hemi light. And definitely try some ambient occlusion too. I think it would help. And possibly turn down the specularity of the wood material. It looks too much like plastic and that might help it out a little. Just keep experimenting with different settings. You may or may not find something you like. Just have fun and keep making stuff. You’ll be a pro in no time.

sorry for not replying or posting any updates, but I was on vacation and school just started for me (I’m in ninth grade). anyway, I have my home computer now (Intel quad core i3 processor, 8 gigs RAM:D), so I should be able to update it now. BTW, I used a particle system for the fur, so it takes about half an hour to render a small pic on my laptop…

hey its domo-kun :slight_smile:

nice work so far,

i tempt you to animate it, it will be so horrifying and funny than you think.