Don Guerrier Chocolates

Don Guerrier Chocolates

Recently I designed these 3D chocolates using Blender, Cycles and Photoshop. And now that they are finished, I think it’s time to show all the finished work to you:

All Images full-resolution and project page you’ll find here.

awesome stuff… everyone loves chocolate… :slight_smile:

Wow, they look so tasty and real :slight_smile: great job man.

Would you be so kind and share some shaders?
Thanks in advance.

I see a lot of fresnel on the chocolate and some SSS maybe?
Or is it just photoshop post-work?

Liquid choc is so nice… and those cakes… hmm…
Model of those cookies inside is so accurate… I’m getting hungry… :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, guy! kkk so the pictures made their job! :smiley:
Yes, I aplied SSS and fresnel very carefuly. But my best achievement I guess was the cookies’ shader, wich was entirely volumentric.
And, of course, the post in photoshop was fundamental!
I’ll share a making of video in future explaining a bit more on shading and post work of one of these chocolates!
So as they say, “stay tuned”!

Awesome work!

Awesome job man!

Clean marketing results. All of them are very well executed.

Awesome renders! I would taste this chocolate, it looks so good.
Can you explain more about the cookie shader?

Great illustrations! I’m curious too to know the details about the volumetric cookie shader!

Wow, stunning work with cycles!

Oh, those look really good (thinking about moving to Brazil, now…) :smiley:

Excellent work.

kkk Thank you so much, guy! Believe me, you can do your best wherever you are, but yes, Brazil is great! :yes:

Thank you guys! Nice to see your positive feedback!
I think the Cookie Shader will be one of the best parts of the video. But I’ll give you the big picture: as I said, the cookies where just high-density coloured volumentrics. I just used procedural textures for the holes and colours.
A matter of illusion. The density was so high that It turned to appear like a solid with SSS, in fact I tested both approaches, but liked more the volumetrics. And it worked so well in Cycles!
So the raw shader looks like this:

And after some color grading:

Can’t wait to see the video!

If you have a preference, which of these chocolates do you have most interest to be covered in the video tutorial? First, second or third image?

The second one for me, because it has cookie, outer chocolate shell and creamy inside with little holes, the latter is not trivial like in the third one!

First: no need to cover the splashes though. :slight_smile:

But tbh I am happy with anyone you decide to cover:)

Any chance you would have had some time to do the tutorial? :slight_smile:

Wow! So deliciously real! If you’re doing a tutorial,I can’t wait for it!:slight_smile:

Blenderwelder, sorry for making you wait more than expected, but I ensure your wait will be worth it! The tutorial is going on :wink:

You’re making me hungry :frowning:
All the materials are too shiny though. But it looks fine for its purpose.