Donald Duck (cartoon model) WIP, critique needed

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So hello there,
I’m working on a model of the famous cartoon figure Donald Duck.
I recently saw someone has done an awesome job modeling Goofy in 3ds max, however, I don’t think I could reach that level, but so far is going pretty well

link to 3ds max goofy: < NOT MY WORK

now, this is what I think so far:

I’m quite satisfied with the head, arms and hands, but not quite with the body, and I feel there’s a lot to improve about his shape, legs and feet.

Go a little easy on the critique please, this is the first time I’m modeling a body

Also, what’s next? Should I use a seperate object for his clothes, then shrinkwrap it, then weight paint both objects? Should I just add the clothes on the same object?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I like him so far,
but i would make a different objekt for cloths :wink:

thanks for your reply,
but I think the arms and stuff are going to stick through his clothes when I animate him (because that’s what Im going to do), even if I weight paint his clothes too.
Or should I also use the shrinkwrap modifier?

why would the cloth fo through?
just make a armature and make it the parent of donald and his shirt :wink: then make the same weight paint
and set collision to donald and cloth and collision on his shirt ^^
if there are still some problems you can use shapekeys for better results

The feet look to subsurfed. And the place where the legs connect to the body looks a bit weird. That is all I can see atm…

Model the eyes like “pixar eye” tutorial , use cage modifier on that eye to make it like the animated version of Donald Duck and it will look more alive.

Looking good.

for the legs connected to the body, I didn’t know how to do it in any other way, but if you have a suggestion, would be fine.
The feet is definitely something I’ll be working on before I begin skinning.
I’m not going to do pixar eyes, I want it to look like the “real” donald duck as much as possible

flattened the feet, deformed eyes using lattice, completed the rig, now skinning

I think skinning is way harder than modeling and rigging, and it’s not even fun to do, what do you guys think?

So, what’s up guys?

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