Donald Trump bust

Hi !)) Another 3D model of the bust of Donald trump . The model is made and rendered completely in free 3D editor Blender. #Donald #Trump #Blender #Sculpting #Cycles
Всем привет !!! Еще одна 3D модель бюстика Дональда Трампа . Модель выполнена и визуализирована полностью в свободном 3D редакторе Blender. #Donald #Trump #Blender #Sculpting #Cycles


Outstanding work!

You always deliver great sculptures of famous people. This is no exception. Do you have some own tutor videos, description of workflow or similar that you could share?

Awesome model. Nice facial expression, too.

Thank you !!! Yet I do not create these videos. I have a few turns to sculpt, but experience in Blender a little ))) I need to teach the program , and then do the video)

Thank you !!!))

Your work is amazing, sir.

Please make a bust of Clint Eastwood. :smiley:

Thank you for your praise!!! While I don’t plan on doing this character ) In the future, probably will do )


Nice work.
We can make very beautiful models like yours … Trump will always remain ugly. loool :slight_smile:

man outstanding work in the wrong person

Nice work.

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I don’t like Trump but the art is amazing :eyebrowlift:

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I love it!.
Sculptured with Blender??.

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This is amazing work, and you actually got the hair correct. 10 stars.

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This is terrible. Absolutely terrible. I can’t stand to look at it.

Great sculpting though! :smiley:

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excellent sculpturing…thumbs up , my friend.

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