Donating Models

I’m making an intro video for our school announcements. (Which our played on a TV) It’s a rather simple idea. I have the RBTV logo (The name of our announcements) made into a 3D model, with the camera flying through the text like it’s a canyon. It will show various videos of things happening in our school and some random models, like maybe a pirate ship floating on a lake. Well, I was wondering if anybody would like to “donate” any models they’ve made to this project. If you would, send them to me at <welcometospamelot> <at> <hotmail> <dot> <com>. I’m especially interested in getting models with bones so I can make them do interesting actions.

Google search for “Blender Model Repository” and you will find over 150 free models.

If you want a big tank that is probably unlikely to be useful anywhere you can get it Here.