Hi I’m sorry if I posted in the wrong section but I thought that since I will need finished projects for my website not works in progress. I was wondering if someone might donate some of their atwork to be posted on Credit will be given to you for your work. It willl just be a gallery to show blender capability. I would also like it if some of you might be able to contribute some tutorials if it is ok with you to put in the tutorial section. The one thing I need the most is a diagram of the key shortcuts in blender like ctrl g does what. I would like to post this as something newbies can download and print while doing tutorials. Thanks for caring.

You may use these (please copy them to your own FTP place and add some signature if you use em)

Ofcourse they are far from best i imagine of Blender… :smiley: But if you cant find anything else use those.

Wow there nice thanks! I am going to do each month a new collection of images.

The first 5 will be on a confirmation page. By the way I haven’t posted the update yet so will be the old webpage version. Also I would like to ask for the help of administrators and the such for the ability to link to their site via banner on our other sites list. Mr. Admin I have some ideas I would like to ask you something please private message me.

you can use this (as long as you dont claim it as your own! (which you already said you wouldn’t!))

Here you go this is a preview of the gallery.

Oh Could you slap my website address there too? :smiley: I would appreciate it. (just noticed i dont really sign pictures much :S )

But if its too much trouble… its no biggie. But would be nice.

no prob thanks for donating

okay continuing dev tommorow. Tommorow I am completeting the update so you guys will be public

Okay it is up now. It is still under development.

I still need art though and some new members would be great. Oh by the way does anyone know how I would contact the administrators.