Don's Sketchbook

I’m pretty new to this site. Just wanted to post a few pictures of some models I’ve been working on and get some critique feedback.

I haven’t learned rigging and I’m just getting into textures. I only really know the basics. I understand how to edit mesh but I haven’t worked much with sculpting. I also haven’t learned rigging yet. I just haven’t spent the time to watch all the tutorials.

I’m pretty much a noob to Blender.

Anyway, here is a robot I designed and created in blender. The first pic was just to see how it reacted in a field with another model I made.

Here is a model of ‘Normandy SR2’ from the video game Mass Effect. This was the first thing I did that used UV Mapping.

The Outlaw Star from the anime Outlaw Star. Unfinished. I lost my desire to complete it.

Cool robot, I will be waiting for more :slight_smile:

This was a simple model that turned out to be one of my top 3 best made models. haha.

The Rubix Cube is the main focus model. the desk and computer are older projects.