Don't Forget the Contest

Just a reminder!!!

Don’t Forget the Contest

it ends 15 january 2003 !!!


Thanks for the reminder, I’m still working on mine, but having some conceptual difficulties. Good thing I have a lot of time.

With all these speed contests, its easy to forget THE BIG ONE.

Brain-Storm-Studios is going to win!!

Check out our site.

how far is everyone in this contest??? any screenshots? demos?

i dont want to fall behind others
this will also make sure others know how far others are.

my latest screenshot

and here if ur too lazy to click on the link

there is very little bricklogic, ive just done modeling and some animations

how far are you?.. i wanna know :smiley:

If you go way back in the news on my site, there is a bird demo. This is still about how far I am.

o yea… i almost forgot…

whoever will be judgeing these games MUST have a powerful computer
im making my game on a 900mhz cpu with a 64 meg video card.

some games in this competition may need powerful computer to be run properly… and you cant judge something you cant see or play properly

… so what cpu specs. will the judges have?

Don’t worry about the Judge CPU spec I have got a 1,4 ghz and 64 MB graphic card I think we can handle it.


i am creating an underwater game for the contest. I’ve practically finished the interface and the ability to play as 14 different futeristic underwater craft.

i have started the enemy AI.

My team partner has begun the sound effects and Music. I for see a few version of this game with varying ammouts of music for people of different connections.

Next i have the task of creating the “on foot” interface. that should take a while as i’ve never seen what i’m looking for done in blender.

When i get back to university i’ll post a screenshot.


I haven’t said, “I’ll enter this contest!” unfortunately, it says that you guys needed the entries in September. Am I still eligible?

If not, that’s cool. I’ll just make the game for my own enjoyment.