Don't know what this is yet...

well it does sorta resemble the walkers from the confederacy in ep. II, just bigger, badder and more steam-punkish. I’m looking forward to see how you do the legs, because I have a really awesome picture for them in my head and I think you can top it, bit it will take some work. :wink:

If I don’t top your idea, feel free to share it!

I just wanted to have SOME idea of how legs would make it look at all, so here it is with temporary cylinder proxies.

I also had an awesome idea regarding functionality. Obviously this walker can effectively take enemy ground, but what about keeping it? If the walker powers down all weapons and remains completely stationary, it can generate a powerful force field that can deflect any attack and provide shelter for friendly ground troops (The shield also acts as an oxygen scrubber so that they don’t run out of air.)

It can maintain this shield almost indefinitely with the cold fusion nuclear reactor that runs the entire walker, unless the shield fails from damage. (It could probably even survive 1 direct hit from a nuke without failing. A second direct hit would cause shield failure.)

Cool, you need to make a scene of thios thing destroying a city, like in the incredibles:p

I’m still thinking through the design on the legs, but I did finish the foot model.



Detail Shot

Feet on the walker.

I’m quite pleased with the look of them; they seem to make the whole thing seem just a little bit scarier. :smiley:

I shiver to think of rendering this with nice materials on my 32 bit OS, it’s already over 4.4 M polies at render time. :frowning: (1.7 M with low-level subsurfs in the 3D-view.)

When asked what it was, he replied: ‘Dunno. Kind of a blasty gun thing I guess… We’ll see where it goes from here.’

You’re going awesome. Keep it up!

Progress on the legs.

I’m wondering now whether or not I should put hydraulic cylinders between the leg bulges.

Dude, you never cease to amaze me. This is awsome!!! Kind of reminds me a bit of Syndrome’s robot in the Incredibles. Fantastic!

What is that little rectangular box under the robot on the right side? Let’s see the wires.

Edit: If yuo put hydraulic cylinders between the leg bulges do you then need to put them on the connections to the feet and body?

Now that is pretty awesome, i’m loving this mech :slight_smile:

Hey NurbNerd, the little box at the bottom is a human sized scale reference (2 meters).

No, if I added the hydraulic cylinders to the legs I would not put any onto the feet or body. My reasoning in wanting them is that such a relatively small knee joint as I have is probably going to be under a helluva lot of stress if it needs to be able to move the entirety of the lower leg on its own. (Unless it has some crazy high-torque motors in it. :p) I just wonder if hydraulic cylinders would negatively effect the look. Guess it wouldn’t hurt to try…

I’m glad you guys like the leg design so far.

[Edit] Some selected wireframe views.

If you could make each leg-foot resemble the face of a lion, Ezekiel would be proud.

Wow, these meshes are really clean and nice!

Well… I take back what I said earlier about not having a plan. This is starting to look awesome!

Can’t wait till it’s textured, keep up the good work!
You should create some high resolution normal maps with a program like CrazyBump. It would look really good :slight_smile:

I think I’m a bit stuck when it comes to design at this point. :frowning: I think it is done as far as major features go, but I also think the leg bulges are a bit too large to be as monolithic and featureless as they are. I’d also like to add some joins to the pipes that go between the gun section and the leg/bridge sphere, but the curvature of the surface makes modeling them no trivial task… Ideas are welcome at this point.

Anyway, here is a pic with raytraced AO and point-light soft shadows that took 4 and half hours to render.

I plan on rigging this thing for animation, but my only plan so far for the model itself is a still image in a scene.

Walk cycles should be… Interesting. It will use the 2-4 mode for walking. (Meaning at all times it has 4 legs on the ground, while using 2 for locomotion.)

Well if you’re stuck for design, remember that, as far as most large bots go, there are usually hundreds of little features on the hull and main body areas, e.g. escape pods, ridges, piping systems, sensor arrays, power nodules, smaller gun turrets, force field generators etc etc. Try adding in that extra detail through a normal map or something. Those bulges look out of place on the legs, I know you don’t want it but perhaps hydraulic type pistons and general appartus might fit better, they would give it more sense of power too.
More strengthening struts, structures on the ankles of the legs wouldn’t be out of place. We are talking about moving around a couple hundred tonnes worth of equipment around on a two meter diameter ankle ball… Leg’s could probably be made a bit bulkier around the leg joints and shoulder joints as well.
Basically what it needs now is more details on the details. If you get what I mean =).
Just my 2 cents.

It wouldn’t be very smart to put piping and parts of mission critical systems on the outside of the armored hull, but I do agree that it needs a bit more detailing. At the very least it needs some sort of external sensors to act as gun targeting systems.

Here is a cutaway view of the beginning of the 2 level interior. (A ladder will go down from the hatch to the floor of the bottom level.) Once again, the box is a 2 meter tall human-sized scale reference.

Making the control systems and fitting them in is going to be fun!:yes: I think the pilot will use a holographic VR-like interface in the lower level to steer with.