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Just a very simple and newbie question that I can’t figure out.
Hello, I have a particle emitter emitting particles that are copies of an object. The object has no particle systems, just a texture. What I am asking, is “am I able to hide the emitted object from showing up in the render?” I have tried clicking the button in the outliner window that stops it from showing, but that stops all of the particles from showing. I have tried moving the emitted object, but the particle system moves. Thankyou in advance to everyone who tries to help. :yes:

Just click on your objekt and move it in to another layer by pressing “m” and then clicking on any other layerbutton

It worked - Thanks heaps!

Glad to hear,
if you want to access your objekt again in 3d viewspace you need to Shift-click on the layerpanel in the header down in the 3d view and then you’ll be able to see multiple layers at the time.
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Arun Leander

Thanks for all the help.