Don't step on Grass!!!

Few years ago I made those model. In fact it was my first one after changing workflow from NURBS to polymodelling. It was waiting long time for “scene”, but now is here. Morning on aifield - smell of gasoline, oil and other men’s feromons :slight_smile: Also grass maybe…

well done!

Wow, its lovely. !!!

hi myrs

This looks great mate, a really cool render:cool: Your work is really top notch. Ive started using blender now so seeing quality work like this makes me glad i did! No more of my money is going to Autodesk!

YEP. looks beautiful, what kind of plane is this? love the way it looks like it has wings of an albatross

  1. which renderer?
  2. how did you get motion blur?


This is a verry nice render, really love it. Can you tell us some more about how you made it? the lighting is just perfect

Love the plane material :slight_smile:

Superb Job! Your material is dead on and everything else as well! 5 stars!

Very nice. Is there a pilot inside? because I cant see place for him.

Amazing! I vote gallery! :smiley:

All right, I have to ask, how did you do the prop blur?

Awesome, nice composition :smiley:

Thanks for comments :slight_smile:

Scene was rendered partialy in Modo and in Blender (grass parts). Modeled and unwraped in Blender of course :slight_smile: In my signature below still exist link to WiP with this one.

I forget to write what is it on renders :slight_smile: It is PZL P.1, polish fighter from early thirties - one of my most loved planes so probably you will se it in other scenes, bot for now I have some shoots of “clean” plane with no scene

And small “vintage” test :slight_smile:

haha! i thought that the last pic was a reference pic at first sight :slight_smile: that has to be a good sign :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the main question was how did you get the propellor to look like it is turning very fast (prop blur ;)) which I’m also very interested in, just repeating it in case you hadn’t understood the question :wink:

My method for blured propeler joining rendered motion blur and postpro in Photoshop.

  1. Render image with motion blur for propeler and separately only propeler (with rest of plane hidden) Of course all with alpha channels.

  1. Add to model additional rectangular poly with edge lenght the same as prop diameter and placed exactly where props blade are mounted. It is only halper element for keep proper perspective correction for prop ring. Render this.

  1. Make propeler ring texture in Photoshop/Gimp etc. I used few rings with different edge thicknes; next cut off unnecessary parts (90 deg of ring on both sides), add some dirts and noise and use radial blur.

  1. Finished ring texture you made place on layer over render with rectangular (2) and using “distort” from transformations in PS fit oure rectangle propeler ring texture with this helper rectangle.

This “mask” is in next step placed in layer over layer with rendered image with blured propeler (1) Using “screen” blending mode I removed black colour, reduced opacity etc

In fact you don’t need use motion blur during rendering. In the same way as I described you can “blur” propeler blade on image and prepare taxture with fake motion blur.

Hope that it is helpful for you…

thought it was post pro, but smart to use a square plane to position it correctly. tnx