there is a show and. lets say the person is in a room by them selvs and then for instence they say out loud " i have grown up and now they want to rob me . i remember when i was twelve and those kids punched me in the face. man that hurt" then im like WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO . not only that. ALL SHOWS DO IT.


I think you didn’t complete several sentences there and I read them too quickly

and this ad you mention I haven’t seen

I hate it when people don’t take the time to make their posts resemble the English language. As far as T.V. characters talking to themselves, it is your own damned fault for watching T.V.

Can we cut the crap please.


Oh come on, don’t everyone start spamming again!! :x

R2blend, you mean after you?

Oh come on, don’t everyone start spamming again!!

Oh my God… and I don’t even understand this freaking post… Why am I replying ? Oh spam ofcourse…wasn’t that thepoint of this post ???

Time for another Spam Witch Hunt!


Ego pumping!

I don’t often haye things, considering haye isn’t a verb…

on another forum I frequent we have a random thoughts thread, so if someone feels the need to post bollocks it keeps all the shit in one sock,
so to speak.
At the other place we tend to be harsh, your mother may ask why you cry, or your wife, but we get less spam.

Uh oh. We’ve got ourselves a hardass here.

ok i was rushing. lets do this again. im making a script
john the space dude
camera(litraly, sorry for bad spelling)

john. in a room by himself. thinking how to stop the asteroid form distroying his ship

john says out - that asteroid is going to hit this ship

he is looking dramatic

john-oh i got it!

get blu prints and works on laser

the end

my point . you may talk to your self. but nobody has conversations by them selfs. actualy using whole sentences. nobody does that

i do i always talk when im programming or stuff making 3d hell even thinking.


you mean you talk to your self?
Thats scary… no im just kidding, i talk to myself all the time, and sometimes i argjue with myself, like it is two people talking about 1 case, the one part says “Yes” and the other part says “No”. well, enaf of my bullshit… :wink:

lol j. nah but im always consulting with myself “is that good” “yea thats good” thats what i do , for real.

Oh yea I think most people talk to themselves. But whenever I ask myself a question out loud and then answer it out loud as if I’m in a real conversation I get itchy hehe :wink:

lol go u.