Donut masterpieces

Do as he say :+1:

TRY NOT TO INSULT ANYONE AND RESPECT our community guidelines

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As spatial phenomena become transformed through boundaried and critical practice, the viewer is left with an insight into the limits of our culture.

Word from the great artist himself:

I have learned that this site, which I have blessed with graciously posting my artistic pieces on, has a forum gallery.
This is where the best artwork should be.
However, there seem to be technical problems, I do not see my work there!
Not even one.

Could it be the responsible moderators are too in awe to function?

I ask anyone to fix it, I am far to busy and important to handle these things.

Greatings, keep enjoying my genius.


Brilliant! Did you already consider to sell this as a $ 10000000000 NFT artwork, then start a competitor to SpaceX and establish a Mars colony before Elon Musk?


The final work in the series:
The great artist beats the Donutpolice

I will now close the series so you all can catch a breath and not get heartattacks from seeing too much beautiful art at once.


Ah, po-po no mo’

(I hope ya’ll can translate that)

Only on an artist forum are the cops scarier than the demons…

They did suspend my account for posting this!
Just got it back, had to promise no more donuts. :zipper_mouth_face:

Eh? You only had to promise no more donuts all over the category, not no more donuts period. And you’ve been silenced (not suspended) for dismissing that request (not “for posting this”). Trying to act it out differently in public won’t work, please don’t go there.

OK OK, do you work for the NSA too?

It took me some trouble BTW to get it in the thread.
You don’t need to post, just reply. Not logical.
It’s also not visible unless people open the thread.
The user friendly- and intuitiveness on this site could use some work.