Donut Texture Problem! Help!

Hi there, I am new to Blender and trying to make the donut with Blender Guru.
However, I faced a problem with texture painting stuff.
I colour the donut in the texture painting and saved the picture of the painting (Donut Texture 2), and linked the image to the base colour of the donut in Shading.
However, I can’t seem to see the donut changing its colour to the one I coloured in texture painting and I have no idea what to do.
Please help this newbie out!!! Thank you all!!!

Can you post screenshots?

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Are these fine? Thank you so much!!!

According to Blender Guru’s tutorial:
the nodes stuff in the shading part, under the image texture part, it should not be single image but generated. (not sure if that is what made my thing wrong)
but then I tried to save as another version and changed the single image part to generated and painted on a new texture painting photo.
however, I can’t seem to colour now, anyone got an idea? thank you!!!

It just says generated when you make the texture inside blender. After you save that texture to your hard drive, it will say single image. This shouldn’t have anything to do with your problem. I don’t know what the issue is, but my guess is that you didn’t UV unwrap the donut first.

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hello zanzio thanks for your advice
I tried to do it all again following the tutorial but according to blender guru the donut is already uv unwrapped :frowning: so im still stuck
but still thank you so much for your help!!!
anyone else can pleaseee help me out? thank you!!!

Just to be sure, divide your screen and on the second window open the UV editor. Then select your donut, enter edit mode and select all the faces of your mesh. Do you see the faes organized on the UV editor window? If you don’t try to select the image corresponding to your texture on the UV editor window.

If after that you cannot see the faces of the donut it’s because it’s not unwrapped.

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I also think that MAYBE you are exaggerating a bit on the subsurface scattering values. Turn OFF the subsurface and see if it changes anything.

I say that because in your screenshot of the viewport on the cycles rendered mode I can see a brighter thin line around your donut, so maybe the texture is there but you cannot see because of this exaggerated SSS value.


Yes it was the subsurface value being too high, thank you soooo very much for your help!!! thank you soooo much!!!
really really do appreciate your help!!!

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I am really glad to have helped.

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