Just playing with couple asset for bigger scene. I slap stuff on … beveled cube and call it a day smiley
For stone I use as base free Sketchfab model Rhynie 6 Pictish Symbol Stone" ( by Douglas Ledingham I cut it, and resculpt in ZBrus, make ne textures. Thingy above stone is just one old hard surface practice from C4D. Cycles 1024 samples. I try with real volume scattering… but even with 1024 samples ( and loooong render time ), there was loot of noise. Denoiser do good job with noise… but also do very bad job with details :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: need better GPU for this kind of stuff.

test with volume scattering

more pics on my Artstation
ArtStation - Doodle #00, Aleksandar Babic
PS. just for fun I upload stone model to Sketchfab… Somehow models look different when you look them on Sketcfab… also I first time add some post processing thingy… so here are
(100) Stena_RS - 3D model by alekba (@alekba) [6c40968] (

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If first picture from your post ddoesnt have volume scatter, did you use particle emitter with smoke screen png? Also as a fellow scene person, it has real doom vibe thanks to the runes, maybe some red and purple lighting would give it more of a fire and hell vibe which i think the picture would definitely gain more personality from :slight_smile: other than that good sh*t.

Oh nothing so complicated, I just cheat :smiley:
I use mist, Z depth, emission pass also in workbench I render masks. Rest is Photoshop. It’s tricky to get volumetric in this way, especially when you do fast, dirt job. But this is more or less just fun, something I do for my …pleasure.

yeah the second pic with the “real volume scatter” lacks depth, maybe applying a noise texture to the volume scatter node.

I never go further form this test. Render time was terrible with too much noise. On the other hand, I was to lazy to switch to Octane which are faster with volume scattering. Octane is nice, but I love Cycles more… shader setting is much faster easier to me in Cycles.

Fair enough