Doodley the Skeleton. Grease pencil vs rigify explainer video

Quick video showing how to create rigged, handrawn character, using Rigify and Grease Pencil


Amazing, thanks for sharing! I love your work and was wondering what i your process :smiley:

Be my guest! I’m glad that you like it!

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Hello Lukasz, the walk cycle at the beginning of the video is really cool! Love the design and the animation is great as well.

I would suggest making a small render of the walk cycle, just like on your thumbnail looks great, with a little camera motion to see the 3d shapes. And then post it in the finished works gallery, with a link to your tutorial.

It is cool art by itself imo, I’m sure a lot of people that don’t check this part of the forums will be happy to see it and your tutorial as well.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll render the cycle and post it Actually I’m planning to make one or two more videos with this guy. This one is more or less about character creation and rigging the grease pencil. I guess I want to make one about building up the 2d/3d background, matching the style. And one on animation of character, camera and some parts of the background.

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