Doodling and Learning - Robot

First real model in Blender

My version of ‘Lota’ from Howard Taylers ‘Schlock Mercenary’ strip.


Presently trying to get him rigged, then maybe I’ll go back and finish the
coloring and details (rivets mainly :cool:) in ZBrush via Normal mapping.

Feel free to make comments and suggestions.

One question: This guy is multiple meshes, I wanted a single large UV map, and
the only way I found to do it was to join all the objects into one. Then I had to split
them again to make detailing in ZB easier (re-establishing coords and centers etc).
Is there a better method to UV multiple meshes?


Did a quick color map (mainly to check the UVs) and posed Lota. I have some
problems with my rig, (not sure how to make those extensible legs work), but at
least the UV layout looks OK.



Did some basic detailing over in ZBrush. Sucked it back in a normal map. First time
I’ve ever used normal maps. Had some problems with UV edges mysteriously going
missing in ZB, but worked around it.

Messed a bit with a basic environment, and some lighting.

Next step. Get into animating this guy.


I really like this guy! Nice work! You have really good attention to detail.

Wow, very good model for a first try. Good skill in modeling mechanical parts.

Hey thanks folks! Sorry, I missed your replies.

Anyway. I finally got a walk cycle put together. I’m not really happy with it, so
any suggestions would be appreciated. I relied on Ryans excellent tut’
on character animation to get me into this stuff.

My walk cycle is over on mediafire at:


Lucky to find you, keep on the good workk guys! Best of luck.

I re-rendered the walk cycle with a better lighting setup…