Doom 3 models with blender?

Is it possible to create Doom3 models with blender :D?

Yep, just have to export the models to .lwo format. Actually getting them into the game will be a nightmare unto itself I’m sure.

do you want to be more specific?

the answer is yes

the answer to how easy it is to get all that detail is: it is difficult

for one thing, pretty much everything is normal mapped [as well as textured, and many things have spec maps]

while it is possible to do color and spec maps reasonably well [in photoshop, blender’s paint tools aren’t too great], getting a normal map from blender isn’t really possible

I guess you’d load the highpoly and lowpoly meshes [as triangulated obj, ase, or lwo] into ORB and generate the normal maps that way

but, you can’t really do what they did for some models in blender, which is to use zbrush to paint the displacement on an incredibly high polygon mesh

is this what you seek grasshopper?
lot of info in there