Dope Sheet: How do I select an entire row (NOT a channel)?

Does anybody know:

In the Dope Sheet, is it possible to select all keyframes of an entire row (e.g. “Location” or “Rotation” row)?

I know you can select a Channel with LMB double-click.

But double clicking the “Location” title will open it to edit the title.

Any shortcut to selecting that entire row of keyframes (without box select, etc…)


Click the keyframe that’s on the same line as “location” or “rotation”

Thanks Hadriscus,

But I mean if there’s a way to select all keyframes in that row, with some shortcut way, not having to box select the entire row…

If you are trying to select say all keyframes for X location of an animation you would select one keyframe on the row then press L. That selects all x locations on that row for the selected keyframe. Is that what you mean? You can also select multiple rows by selecting one key frame on the x location and one on the say z location and pressing L. It will select all keyframs on those rows.

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or with ctrl+alt+select

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Thanks stilltrying! Thanks JA12! Perfect :slight_smile:

Sorry mate I misunderstood what “row” meant


No worries Hadrien! Thanks for answering!