"Dorian Invaders" - Musical shooter prototype


This is a small prototype I put together recently. The idea was to make a game that would also be a musical instrument.

The music part (at least in my performances) is not really interesting, but the rest is somewhat funny and challenging.

For the moment, my high score is 100 (I know, I’m not really good). Post yours if you try it!

This is the windows executable :

and a screenshot:


I don’t think this deserves spending much more time, but if you have suggestions for easy improvements, be welcome!

Have fun!

Jonathan Lessard

Looks really interesting, do you have anything for us Mac users? Blend file, maybe?

Looks neat! Will try later

Clever concept, nice graphics! :eyebrowlift2: I got about 170 but got abducted in the process :eek:

If this ever gets expanded then it could include more instruments/SFX, perhaps?

good game.

126 POINT xD
very nice game

I’m gonna prey this runs in Wine! :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately it doesn’t.

Runtime error!

Program: Z:\home\skyler\Downloads\invadeurs\invadeurs.exe

An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly.
Please contact the application's support team for more information.

well damn! i cant even get it to extract, unrar is saying it failed with absolutely no information as to why

Here are some links for other OSes:

Linux : http://www.absurdus.net/invadeurs/invadeurs_lin.tar.gz
Mac : http://www.absurdus.net/invadeurs/invadeurs_mac.zip

Here is what I get:

$ ./invadeurs_lin
Segmentation fault

Anyone else test this successfully?

I don’t know much about linux but I’ve noticed before that a blender executable made on one computer won’t necessarily work on another.

Of course, that makes the whole thing a bit pointless!

Could you post sources? (.blend?)



Looks very nice - Keep up the good work!