dorm room from the outside

Ok, here is a new angle on the dorm room environment. This one is from the outside looking it, it is supposed to give the feeling of an “outside

This is basically complete. Let me know what you think, and if anything is glaringly wrong.

Click the image for a much higher resolution version. (It looks soooo much better in the high-res version.)

Everything in this image is CG, there are no image textures involved that are not made on the computer.

Are those bricks beveled?? It looks like they are. [pats stephen2002 on the back :smiley: ] But the bricks imho look too smooth, and plus they are all the same. I also think the reflection of the moon and stars might show up too much. Enless its a sticker on the window? :wink:
And are those rocks in that bed? Prank pulled by the other people in the dorm? :wink: ;)… Just kidding by the way
The cloth looks great on the bed and I love how all the textures were made by you. Looks like a liviable dorm room :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right - the inline image doesn’t do it justice. Everyone should view the hires.

As far as things glaringly wrong… um, no sane person would lay brick that way. Each layer of bricks is offset horizontally by half the width of a brick. I’m sure you can find voluminous examples of brick texture images on the web.

looks great, but indeed, that brick pattern is reaaaaaaaally unstable :smiley:


looks nice, the dorm is really good… i feel the outside could be lit better if it were daytime, a nice bright orangey glow?

the nightime effect is what I wanted, as well as the strong glare of the moon and stars. They need to be visible, because they are important for separating the inside from the outside.

I just realised how unstable the bricks are. whops. I did the bricks by hand, a texture looked much too flat. I know the bricks all look the same, they are copies. I am not insane enough to mess them up a little, although I could fractal subdivide the bricks. I think that might fix the bricks…

ok, I have fixed the bricks. I think they look much better now:

Again, the high-res version looks a lot better than the low-res version

I like the feeling that your standing outside in the dark and in the cold, and theres a bright warm looking room with a very comfortable looking bed inside; just through the window.

Smash iT SmaSh IT!

nice pic
keep it up :slight_smile:

some of the bricks that form the border for the window do however look a bit too square, might just be me though,

  • halibut

halibut: GREAT! That is EXACTLY the impression that I am looking to impart on my viewers. Except the smashing :wink:

Glad you all like it. I will be posting the “offical” version in the finished work section here and on CGTalk as soon as I get around to it.

Very cool :o

bricks are much nicer in second image