Dormammu, Lord of Dark Dimension

Is cold here, lets turn up the heat!!

render in cycles, fire done in BI


Nice fire, not just generic stuff going there. Kinda reminds me of Zurg from Toy Story.

thanks, Dormammu had always been on my list to be make in 3D, so the BG contest is perfect chance.

by the way, why are there huge increase in low ploy art? (I did not keep up with the latest trend)

Yeah I agree with Soopursam, first thing that came to my head was Zurg. I think it’s because of the dark purple and red materials…

But I love the energy!

I will give him a black armor then

Okay, I got it the face needs to be more evil plus darker armor. He is no toy!

Awesome work ForgottenWorld! I particularly love the purple fire :slight_smile:

thamks! glad u like it

Although to be honest, I dont think he is well known as other Marvel characters like dr. doom or Iron man
any one here even know him? I didnt know him until last year lol

I’ve never heard of that name even mentioned until this thread

Let me have one more fury blaze of glory before let this thread sink to oblivion
upgrade the ground a little…

Well, not bad. The fire simulation is quite good, though I’d say the red fire is too saturated (I get that problem a lot) and the fire in general doesn’t really blend with the character, who seems a bit shiny and smooth for an evil wizard. Also, the face doesn’t really work for me…neither does the whole head-in-fire concept. It’s hard to make a marvel character who hasn’t appeared in a movie yet, since the comics always look so cheesy when compared to the films. So I’d say try to work in extra detail where you can and work out the remnants of flashy-color-supersuit-over-dramatized look that often accompanies superheroes. =)

Well, the fire head thing is really what he looks like in comic or game that he appear in (if he had a movie, he will still have have that fire head), so it is hands down one of his signature feature.
Yea, I should give his armor some more detail tho. But the armor is shiny because he have been a dominator for all his life, one of the most powerful villain in the Marvel comic, not much people can even touch him. lol