Dota 2: Sven's new Set "Strength of the Future Gods" (First Job)

Hi guys, I try to model in blender to 7 years, never got a result that I wanted to expose.

But after a bit of study, I made this set ​​for a game “Dota 2” 100% done with Blender and Gimp (including textures).

Here the video. (now the links is ok)

Here the link to the steam workshop.

Ps: My Inglês sucks lol. sorry for this.

I don’t know why I can’t see my text, but if you can’t too.
This is the link to video and steam workshop.

Now this is ok =)

love it!! its lowpoly and still looks awesome! :smiley:

Thank you.

Now I’m remaking this entire set. Just for me, but after ready I’ll publish againd here and in the steam wowkshop.

very impressive. I saw your stuff on steam. looks like a keeper. Can’t wait for more!!

Looks cool…Im also tryng to do something dor Sven right now…Have any tip on publishing into DOTA2??

Sorry, I have many problems, and I give up of that set.

Now I’m remaking the entire idea, and my wife are painting the color textures (A lot better lol)

This is a shot for u.

About how make itens for the game, well. You will need some help. Visit the Steam blender community, there you’ll find what u need =).

But if I can help after this, I’m here.