Double Question: How do I make Christmas lights and a couch?

I’m making a Christmas fireplace scene.

1. In which there will be a small child sleeping on a couch in front of a fireplace and a Christmas Tree.

But I’m having troubles making a nice looking couch.

What method would you recommend?

I’ve searched google and elysiun, but found nothing.

2. I also need to know how to make Christmas Lights, for the tree. Do I need to use hundreds of lamps? I’m guessing theres an easy way, but I don’t know what.


For lights, you could try playing with the halo button on the shaders panel. It turns your vertices into little light sources.
Depends on what kind of couch you’re making.

Hey cool. Just attempted the Christmas light thing. Turned out nice. But is there anyway to make it give light to other objects as well?

I remember I read somewhere about an emit button.

As for the couch. At the moment. Any couch will do. I’ll edit it to my needs as necessary.

But something that looks something like this would be ideal:


Subsurfed cubes. Extrude and loop cut. Lots of patience required. Or you could look for ready made models.

Click here for some free couch models:

Scroll down past the Food and Beverages section. Furniture follows.

They are in 3DS format (3D Studio). And get this … I tried to check them by loading them into Blender 2.35 and I don’t have the 3D Studio import code anymore. What happened?

Oh well, I just moved the 3D Studio script from my 2.34 scripts directory and it worked fine. Pity though … somebody must have dropped the bubble, or I messed up somewhere.

Anyway, there are several couches at the site. Hope this helps you. :slight_smile:

I appreciate the link. But I don’t like using ready made models. Its just not blender. :wink: And then I can’t say that I made the render. :frowning:

But thanks anyway. Any news on the emit button btw?

Anyway, I was gunna start a new thread for this, but figured I’d post it here.

I need some tutorials on how to box model.

Extrude and loop cut.

I’ve heard this before, but paid no attention. Is it called box modelling?


Extrude: Select a face, hit ‘E’, extrude region or individual faces.

Loop cut: ctrl-R, select a loop of faces to cut, click to place the cut

Go to a furniture store with a digital camera, find a couch you like, and take pictures from all sides. Use the images as backgrounds to create the 3D couch in Blender.

Ok, sorry about that. From your post, I took it that “any couch will do”. The English language is not the best language to express one’s self. :-?

the [emit] value only makes the object visible in a scene without lights, but it does not cast any light that can be recieved by other objects.

in order for other objects to receive the light, you have to use radiosity

i hope this helps