Double sided function doesn't work in game ?

Well, even with double sided function on, it appears that my characters faces are transparent and show me the back of the head instead of the front when I press P button. I don’t want to make a game with the inside of the head revealen.
Is there a simple way than re-build my model to “invert the side of faces” in a model ?

really sorry for my crap english. :o Hope to get an answer soon. Thank you :rolleyes:

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go edit mode select all vertices go in ‘‘Mesh’’ — ‘‘vertices’’— recalculate outside

thank you very much, it’ very useful cause it happens quite often when I model…
Thanks again.

to enable the double side, select your model in object mode, press F to get into UV face mode, select the faces you need 2 sided, and press W, then select Set double sided.

the double side button dose not work for the game engine.

Remember when you do this you are doubling your polycount , so use it sparingly

you mean having textures in both sides of the mesh by the UVthing doubles the number of face, not the recalculation thing ?

Well what I do to have a texture on two sides of a face is go into edit mode and press E then extrude region over top of the previous faces. This doubles the faces though and sometimes BGE can’t handle the doubled poly’s :(. I wonder how many poly’s you can have until BGE crashes…

no, in the UV mode when you set double side it count twices the vertices, if in edit mode you recalculate it only orient the meshe to face outside (so that you dont see inside)

Ow. Makes things even harder. Shiver

if you want to render double-sided faces, just make sure the “Double Faces” button in the editing panel is checked.
If you want to display double faces during game mode, select your object, duplicate, edit mode, select all and W => Flip Normals. It makes another object having all the faces showing in the opposite direction of the original mesh. It doubles the vert and edge and face and whatever you have there count, though.
I didn’t quite understand the whole thread, so don’t be surprised if it has been already covered.

I believe double-sided in the face buttons just disables backface culling; normally, when a face is pointed away form the camera, it is ignored (it is assumed to be on the far side of the model, and thus invisible a waste of processor power). with the culling off, all these polys are calculated, regardless of whether they are visible.
technically, this doesn’t necessarily double the faces calculated, but it’s safe to assume this is the case.

MtheGreat’s method, however, does double the face count (and actually doubles the space the model takes up in the ram as well, I expect), and I would only recommend this if you want a different texture on each side. even then, use it sparingly.

keep in mind that this is all coming from someone with next to no programming experience, so take it with a grain of salt. remember, “when in doubt, test it”