Double-sided normals

I have a flat surface… I need both sides to show… double sided normals? How?

When in edit mode select the faces you want to be double sided then go to the edit panel and find face properties. You should see a twoside option(only if the face has a texture for game engine).
If you simply are trying to render an image then just set double-sided in the edit panel(this is the default and should already be set)

Thank you!

For future reference, will this work on faces that are connected to more complex meshes? (assuming that a UV texture will be applied to it)

Yep! Twoside is pretty straightforward.

TheSambassador is right as long as you are working with faces it will work. It is really just a property that is applied to a face so it can be applied to any face…
Glad to Help!

Just as a matter of interest

Is the lighting correct on two sided faces?

Thank you everyone! You guys are very patient and helpful.

I personally have not tested the lighting but I believe it is… I cant see them having a feature that doesn’t work properly especially since it has been around for a long time.